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No, No, you're not dreaming. This really is an UPDATE !!!

While Hex still produces fewer and fewer remixes, i keep gathering some rare stuff for my collection.

Here are the latest things i found :


I was able to buy on Ebay the rare promo remix EP of MEL C's "I TURN TO YOU" featuring exclusive Hex Hector and Dezrok remixes !!!


Another addition is this scarce promo CD of PROYECTO UNO's "PUMPIN'" featuring both Hex's spanish and spanglish edits. I had been looking for ages for this one....


Finally, i could put my hand on the taiwanese 10 track CD single of STARS ON 54's "IF YOU COULD READ MY MIND". this CD features the Hex Hector Raw Remix in its full lenght (7:36). This remix was only previously available as an edit on the U.K promo vinyl.


And last, but not least, i found a spanish promo CD of JULIO IGLESIAS' "EL CHOCLO" featuring the so far unavailable Hex Hector Radio Mix !!!