MARCH 2005



Hi everyone,

"UN-BREAK MY HEART : THE REMIX COLLECTION" is scheduled for release on April the 12th. This compilation, produced and mixed by Hex Hector, features each 4 remixes he did for Toni. No new remixes, though some of the remixes featured were previously not available commercially. Click the pic for the full track listing.


I got an awesome STUDIO CD featuring the Hex remixes of JENNIFER LOPEZ "WAITING FOR TONIGHT". This 11 track CD features every single remixes Hex did for this single, including instrumentals !! Just as the LARA FABIAN studio CD i previously got, Hex did versions called "TV TRACK" which basically are instrumentals with only the vocal effects and chorus sung. This remix is really one of Hex and Mac greatest achievement to date... Click the pick for sound samples.